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Youth Advisory Council Application

Get Notified!

If you would like to receive updates on our service projects, follow our Instagram (lakestevens.youth) and join our Remind (download the app, and use the code: lsyac)

Don't worry whether or not you're qualified enough to join; as long as you have the passion we're excited to give you a chance!

If you are interested in joining, fill out an application, and we'll get back to you with your next steps!

Before You Apply:

  • There are about 10 youth on the Youth Council as of now, however six of these members are Seniors this year who will be exiting the Youth Council as they graduate. General responsibilities include: bi-weekly meetings with the Youth Council and City Councilmen, planning and participating in service projects and events throughout the year, constantly brainstorming and working on ways to improve Lake Stevens.

  • Being a member of the Youth Advisory Council will give you experience in working with the City Council, allow you to learn about local/city government, develop leadership skills, and will give you a voice in your community. Although very rewarding, being on the Youth Council comes with a LOT of responsibilities and time commitments, so please keep that in mind as you are applying. 

  • If the time commitment is an issue for you but you still want to make a difference, enable notifications (through our remind or follow our social media) to know when we are doing community service or projects, and you can come join us. We always could use help from youth, and we love providing opportunities for community service hours! 




If you have any questions about this application please feel free to email us at


Eligibility Requirements:

Must currently live in Lake Stevens, Washington

Must be currently enrolled in either 9th, 10th, or 11th grade (current 12th graders will not be eligible).

Must be able to attend MOST council meetings (we meet every Monday night-subject to change).



Committee members will be expected to

  • Submit a filled out application 

  • Participate in weekly (or bi-weekly) council meetings (usually about an hour and a half long).

  • Help plan and participate in community service projects every month

  • Work with city council members on projects concerning the well-being of youth in Lake Stevens 

  • Stay on the council for 1 term (1 year, more if you choose)

Thanks for submitting!
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