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The Council

Hello! We are the current members of the Lake Stevens Youth Council. We are a group of youth that want to make a positive impact on our community! In fact, there's a good chance you know at least one of us seeing as we have representatives from both Cavelero Mid High School and Lake Stevens High School. However, if you don't know any of us, then you're in the right place! Scroll down to read a little bit about each of us!

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Jack Johnson


Dakota Latham

​Hello! I'm Dakota Latham, and I am a Junior at Lake Stevens High School this year! I am actually a part of the Running Start program so I attend Everett Community College - my favorite class that I am taking right now is American Sign Language (ASL!). I am so excited for the opportunity to make an impact in Lake Stevens, and I think that the youth council can definitely do that! Some things about me: I run on the cross country and track teams, I like painting, reading, and listening to music. My favorite artists right now are Maren Morris, Benson Boone, and Volbeat. :)


Vice Chair

Chloe Nelson

Hey, I'm Chloe! I love skiing (freeride), soccer, and running (maybe not love, but like?). I'm also on ASB for the high school and a Junior. I like organizing events and I'm looking forward to helping our community!



Claire Mackintosh

Hi, my name is Claire Mackintosh and I'm a Sophomore at LSHS. I love volleyball, hiking, and hanging out with friends and family. I'm excited to serve the community and make positive changes in Lake Stevens!


Sidney Packard

Hi I'm Sidney. I'm a Junior at LSHS and I really enjoy rock climbing, painting, and serving others. I'm really excited to be a bigger and better part of the community!

*Sidney is the person in the center of her image*


Anisa Yaser

I'm Anisa! I'm a Senior at Lake Stevens High School. I love sunsets, being active, painting, nature, and animals. I'm excited to work together to give the youth a louder voice and make important impacts in our community!


Jack Johnson

Hey! I’m Jack. I enjoy running, watching tv, and hanging out with my close friends. I love learning about all the interesting (and often confusing) parts of how our city works.


Owen Johnson

Hey what's up? I like reading, watching TV, and just generally hanging out with my friends, which are all pretty average teen things I think. Oh yeah, also I'm a Senior at LSHS, and I have an evil clone!


Rachel O'Malley

Hey, I’m a Senior at LSHS and I’m a XC and Track athlete. I love to paint and chocolate ice cream is my kryptonite.


Emma Miner

​Hi! I’m Emma, a Senior at Lake Stevens High School and a member of Lake Stevens Youth Council. I’m a distance runner for track and cross country, and I love animals, music, and the outdoors. I’m excited to make our community a better place by providing a youth perspective!

Benson Ewing

Hey, my name is Benson and I'm a Senior who is attending EVCC and doing full time running start. 

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